Mondial Crosscut Stone Saw


  • Adjustable stop
  • 2 rollers side table
  • Set of service wrenches
  • Accessori Taglierine ENG / Laser


  • Blade for marble
  • Blade for granite and natural stones
  • Drilling machine

The Mondial crosscut stone saw is a versatile monobloc construction.  This is ideal for cutting kitchen worktops, paving slabs, or Ashlar.  The Scorpione, as it is known,  also has the added capability of cutting stone at angles up to 45 degrees.

The roller section is equipped with stop for cutting the pieces to a pre-set length.
The cutting unit, slides on special prismatic guides of milled steel. The vertical axis slides on chromed shafts, ground and machined to the required tolerance.  All the movements are manually or automatically  operated.

An additional drilling attachment is available in order to install tap positions.

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