A selection of sizes available:

500 mm X 500 mm

750 mm X 750 MM

1000 mm X 1000 MM

High pressure pump units:

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Dazzini hydro-bags are available in a number of popular sizes. Pat Sharkey Engineering are pleased to offer this successful hydro-bag system onto the UK market.

Increasingly, stone quarrying is undertaken using "hydro-bags", which are thin flat, steel bags (see the attached photographs) that when inflated with water under pressure, to a possible maximum 100 bar, are capable of producing the forces necessary to loosen the stone to the point where it can be easily removed from the quarry face. Traditionally, pneumatic drills were used followed by the long established method of plugs and feathers.  Wire-saws have now been introduced into the quarries, replacing much of the plug and feather method.  The hydro-bag block extraction method addresses many of the health and safety issues associated with the use of pneumatic drilling equipment. We have a range of wire saws to complement the hydro-bags, please look through the remainder of this "quarrying" section of our web site.

Our delivery service service ensures orders for Dazzini hydro-bags can be delivered  within the UK and Ireland in a timely manner.

Hydropush water inflation pumps are also available to inflate the bags. With the system able to move up to 300 ton, this user friendly system is the future for block extraction.

Very piratical and easy to handle, it is composed of a high pressure electric
pump with 1.5 HP motor, which swells some metal "pillows", in order to move
big blocks and walls.The Hydro-push plant can work with two or three pillows at the same moment, giving 300 ton push for each unit.
The pillows thickness is properly studied to easily insert them into the diamond wire cut.
The new model Hydro-super specifically studied to facilitate particular yielding needs, is equipped with electric motor 5.5 HP and allows a water delivery of 22 lt/min at 100 bar.

Dazzini quarry wire saws are available

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