Line Laser

Mains Powered 100 – 240 volts

Mounting Brackets available.

30 mW Output Power.

Line laser for all types of stone saws.  This is a mains powered laser device with a substantial power output of 30mW. A line laser is an essential aid that once used you will never be without.  The time and efficiency saving is priceless. Additional items available  for mounting, including mounting rod and universal bracket to allow for correct adjustment.


Solide state laser diode
Red light
Wavelength 635nm
Minimum output 30mW
Carter surface coloured dark blue
Dimension Ø 45X165mm
Optic device with lens and
crystal portection cated treatment
Length of optic line 8000-10000mm
Thickness of optic line 2mm
Protection IP68 (WATERPROOF)
Power supply stabilized
Electric feed 100/240V – 50/60Hz

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