Manta Poker Basic

Optional Extras:



This Mondial Manta stone saw is a very popular machine.  It is a must for all kitchen worktop companies cutting granite or Silestone.  Robust and versatile monolithic machine. It cuts both length ways (X axis) and cross ways (Y axis). The head traverse is driven by means of an electronic program card.The main technical features are: X Axis Traverse: 3200 mm. ; Y Axis Traverse: 1650 mm.; Z Axis Raise: 140 mm.; Cutting head speed driven by use of an inverter;

Manual turning head (0-90 degree); head inclination (0-90 degree) by means of a hand-wheel.


  • Marine ply wooden cutting bed
  • Control panel with push buttons to drive the cutting head movement and display visualizing the cutting
  • Step cutting facility; Adjustable feet
  • Laser fitted on the cutting head for the X an Y axes aligning – 10 or 15 mW available – red diode
  • Tray with pump for collection and circulation of the water cooling the blade
  • Slabs Stacker
  • Installation of the machine and Training of operators.

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