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A perfect addition to any small saw, typically a bench saw.  This is a battery powered unit so is a very easy installation on any machine.  The material set up time becomes so much easier, no backwards and forwards with the blade trying to ensure the cut is in the correct place.  The line delivers the cut line information in seconds, allowing the cut to take place, reducing time & increasing efficiency. An affordable addition to any machine.  We are available to answer any questions you may have.  We also have a selection of mains powered line lasers.

Diode solid state lasers
Laser light ruby red
Wave length: 660 nm
Minimum power output: 1mW
Tube anodized Dark Blue 132
Dimensions: 20×110 mm
Optical unit complete with cylindrical lens and
Crystal protection all anti-reflective
Optical line
ON / OFF switch
Battery powered 2 X 1.5V

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