Mini Manta Bench Saw


  • 1 stop
  • 1 Bench extension
  • Set of servicing wrenches
  • Transport handles

Options Avaialable:

  • Diagonal Square
  • Side stop
  • Extra bench extension
  • Diamond blade




A Mondial Manta bench saw for cutting stone. Rugged and inexpensive machine guaranteeing an extremely accurate cutting. The head slides on two chrome-plated and ground bars by means of linear ball-bearings. The machine is equipped with a submersible pump placed inside the base to collect the water cooling the blade. Vertical head motion by means of a handwheel for a fast and stable adjustment. The bench saqw is available in a number of voltage options and blade speed.

Blade Diameter: 250 – 350 mm

Depth of Cut: 55 – 110 mm

Length of Cut: 600 – 900 mm

Tilting head for 45° cuts.

Submersible water pump

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