Mondial Manta Mitre Saw


  • 4 leveling feet
  • Servicing wrenches
  • Optionals
  • Side roller teble
  • Operative thin pieces
  • Operative short pieces

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It’s the first model of a range of machines especially studied for cutting angles in a very precise way.
Its rugged, solid structure equipped with precision slides can assure an exceptional cut quality.

The position of the cutting motor under the bench makes possible that the material lucid part turns over up in most cases not coming into contact with the machine bench.
It is equipped with 4 pneumatic pistons for blocking the material and it can cut in both directions with an adjustable speed.

Blade tilting and material stop are manually adjustable

The Mondial Manta Mitre saw is produced in three versions to meet the needs of tile cutting and ashlar production. This is a  rugged mitre saw. Framework in steel. Equipped with 4 pneumatic clamping cylinders to hold the pieces (each cylinder can bear up to 80 Kg), bellows to protect the guides ; front stop. Available in three versions:

BASIC   For 45 degree angle cuts in fixed positions

Standard  For 45 and 90 degree angle cuts

MULTIGRADO:  For intermediate cuts between 45 and 90 degrees.

All operations are carried out  via control panel.

1 side table with 7 rubber covered rollers ;

mop board clamping unit (available for the MULTIGRADO version, only

Optional Extras:  Cutting blade; Extra tables;


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