Mondial Manta Poker Auto: …….{video to view}

Optional Extras:

  • Diamond Blade
  • Software A3 for repeated cuts in automatic mode at one size on two axes
  • Software MULTIPAGE for repeated cuts in automatic mode up to 10 different sizes on two axes
  • PLC with touch-screen for profiling
  • Motor Hp 10 – kW 7,5 HP
  • Remote keyboard that lets the operator position the head, with the blade stopped.
  • Laser fitted on the cutting head for the X and Y axes aligning – available 10 or 15 mW red diode
  • Tray with water pump for the water system, therefore ideal for any workshop situation.
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New Version now available!

The Mondial Manta Poker is an ideal addition to any granite workshop.  Ideal for sawing kitchen worktops either in granite or Silestone. An adjustable head inclination 0- 90 degrees compliments the X and Y axis sawing directions.  The Mondial Poker is a robust and versatile monoloc machine. It cuts both length ways (X axis) and cross ways (Y axis). The head traverse is driven by means of the PLC integrated in the hanging panel. The main features are: X Axis Traverse: 3200 mm.; Y Axis Traverse: 1650 mm.; Z Axis raise: 140 mm; Cutting head speed driven by inverter ; 0-90 degree turning head, manual; 0-90 degree head inclination by means of a hand-wheel.


  • Marine ply wooden bed with integrated pop up rollers for multidirectional slabs positioning
  • Hanging PLC with encoder to check and drive the cutting head in manual, semi-automatic (A1) and auto
  • Software with seven functional cutting programs, easy to use.
  • Step cutting facility
  • Zero function to set back the machine to the original cutting head position
  • Gutter function used to make two incisions, one forward and one rear, 5 cm. deep maximum (e.g. cills)
  • Adjustable feet



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