sasso, ashlar line, calibrating stone,

Sasso to view

Polsing heads: 6 – 10   Diameter = 360 mm

Milling Heads: 1 – 2      Diameter = 840 mm



Sasso Flying Top, a multi-head calibrating and polishing machine for marble, granite, sandstone and limestone. A series of diamond calibrating plates, positioned with digital read out, followed by multiple polishing plates, will deliver an excellent finish on most stone types. Calibrating diamond plates allow for accurate processing of ashlar, tiling and cladding for example. The machine is available in a number of build specifications in order to process all types of stone. Multiple calibrating heads, complimented with up to 12 polishing heads cater for high production needs of larger companies.  We also have smaller machines with two calibrating plates, please ask for details.  

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