5 axis CNC saw, Sasso 5 Axis CNC
Radius sawing by the Sasso K600 CNC sawSasso CNC Saw, CNC Stone Saw, Granite CNC SawThird stage profiling a bespoke hand wash bowlFourth stage profiling a bespoke hand wash bowlBeautiful fireplace headerDoor frame profiling exampleAn example of linear profiling with a return.Sasso K600 CNC carving & engravingAlmost completedGranite monuments can be machined using routing toolsSasso K600 CNC 5 Axis sawA nice design in granite, produced on the Sasso K600 CNCHigh Production with the Sasso twin table 5 axis CNCSecurity Doors at both ends on the Sasso K600 Twin Table CNC saw

Sasso CNC Stone Saw …video

  • Established 1974
  • Sawing
  • Milling Routing
  • Complex Profiling
  • Complex Lathe Profiles
  • Camera Capture
  • Automatic Blade/Tool wear sensor
  • Multiple tables
  • Mono-Bloc Construction 




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The Sasso K600 CNC 5 axis stone saw is ideal for kitchen worktops or indeed, the stone masonry sector.  The K600 is a mono-bloc design, so foundations are not required.  Installation is quick and easy, meaning you can be in production almost immediately. The Sasso K600 has a comprehensive software package that allows worktops to be manufactured from templates, from the intuitive touch screen pre-selected shapes, from the customer supplied drawing or finally using the CAD drawing software. The video below, is a brief over-view of the capabilities of this Sasso 5 axis CNC saw, much more is possible.  A full selection of tools can be employed on the K600 machine, saw blades, routing tools, core drills etc. can all be mounted on the spindle. The main spindle has an inverter to achieve the correct tool speed, right through to the high speed milling tools. The Sasso machine is specified within a number of blade sizes so please contact us if you have any questions.





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