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Sasso Edge Polishing 8-4 ….video to view


Sasso have a selection of Flat Edge Polishing  machines specified to meet all needs.  This machine group is aimed at flat edge polishing, specified with multiple heads capable of producing a perfect finish on all materials. The touch screen operator panel allows for  no polish stop ends, either the start or end of the piece along with adjustment of the bevelling spindles.

The superb quality is reflected in the rust free construction, starting with the hot galvanised structure, complimented with stainless steel interior protection plates and finally, the composite exterior panels. Easy access to the spindle groups and the intuitive operator control system is catered for by the clever use of access panels and doors.

This particular model, 8 – 4 is equiped with eight polishing heads, with micro oscillating choice, in the main spindle bank, complimented with a multi-function spindle group for the beveling, calibrating & water drip.  The manual support mechanism will adjust to 1.2 meters from the line of work.

A number of options are available. 

Mechanical calibrator spindle, assembled on double sliding mechanism.

Pneumatic calibrator spindle.  A possible six spindles for top & bottom chaamfers. Water drip spindles, top and bottom. Multi-function spindle. And much more…

Technical Details
Minimum thickness       20 mm      Maximum thickness        100 mm    
Abrasive diameter  130/150 mm    
 Weight    4,200Kg    



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