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Granite Edge Polishing….video

 Round Beveling Rough Water Drip Intermediate Profile Half Bull Nose Flat Edge Calibrating Bull Nose Sasso - Waterfall Beveling


The Sasso Flying Bull is an exceptional edge polishing machine for granite, composite and marble..  The multi-head spindle group has micro-oscilating as standard, complimented with a multi-function spindle group.  The machine is therefore capable of calibrating, beveling and producing water drips.

The main spindle group has the ability to rotate 180 degrees in order to produce a comprehensive selection of profiles to a polished finish. The operation is controlled from the latest touch screen panel using the Sasso intuitive machine control.

The machine is manufactured from rust free materials, hot galvanised structure, stainless steel interior protection and styled with composite exterior panels.   Click here⇒: For information & prices

Minimum Thickness     20 mm     Maximum Thickness     100 mm                         
Maximum Radius   50 mm   Minimum Width   160 mm    
Machine Dimensions      4.9 X 1.8 X 1.8      




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