Face Polishing Granite & Marble
Granite HeadMarble HeadSasso K-LUX Polishing Machine

Sasso K-LUX Granite Polishing Machine

Mono-Bloc Construction

Slab Polishing

Tilting Table




TABLE SIZE: 3550 X 2050


The Sasso K-LUX face polishing machine is the ideal polishing & texturing machine for granite headstones or large slabs of granite or marble. The mono-bloc design makes this an ideal machine for small or large production workshops. The steelwork is hot galvanised, complimented with stainless steel fittings and composite protection covers. The Sasso K-LUX granite polishing machine is perfect for polishing large slabs or several individual pieces, including shaped monuments with ogee or similar designs.  The automatic program allows the machine to complete a cycle on all pieces placed on the table, return to the start point, wait for an abrasive change and simply press "go" to commence the next stage of the polish. The hydraulic tilting table allows for easy & safe loading of large slabs of granite.

The operator control system is a touch screen panel with easy, intuitive programming.  The program is designed with a selection of patterns to ensure a perfect polish is achieved, either on granite or marble. There is a choice of polishing heads, either the oscillating head for granite, which accepts a selection of standard abrasives, or a flat plate for marble, sandstone & slate. Texturing abrasives or diamond brushes can be employed for alternative finishes.

The mechanical design incorporates linear guides and bearing carriages, complimented with helical gear racking for accurate positioning and movements.

Safety is also a major consideration, the machine has safety protection measures in place to prevent entry into the working area whilst the machine is in automatic mode.


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