Sasso CNC 5 Axis Saw
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Sasso CNC Masonry Saw ….. video

Mono-Bloc Construction.

Blade Diameter:      450 – 900 mm

5 Axis Control:  

Fully protected working area.

Camera capture available.

Tele-diagnostics to Sasso 


The Sasso K900 CNC 5 axis stone saw is ideal for masonry sawing and profiling. A user friendly touch screen, complimented with a suite of pre-set shapes, provides fast and easy programming. The ability to work with CAD (dxf) files and also Alphacam software, ensures the Sasso saw can process complex masonry profiles, along with every day standard sawing.

The mechanical build & quality is of the highest standard, high precision linear rails, helical gears and racking complimented by the rust free construction using hot galvanised steelwork for the structure.

The capabilities of this 5 axis CNC stone saw are extensive, due to the comprehensive list of tools that may be used. Saw blades, milling, routing, and lettering are just a few examples.  A lathe may also be used to produce round profiles or more complex designs.

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