Manta EV Bench Saw


  • Side stop
  • Bench extension in steel sheet
  • Roller bench extension
  • Diamond blade
  • Voltage supply: 110 volt or 230 volt
  • Line Laser

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A Mondial Manta bench saw perfect for cutting tiles, kitchen worktops and stone sawing in general.  This is a perfect machine for use on site due to the easy transportation. The Mondial Manta bench saws are renowned for their extremely accurate cutting, along with the strong durable construction. The head slides on two rectified chrome ground bars by means of linear ball-bearings. It is equipped with a submersible pump placed inside the base, which doubles as the water reservoir.

Vertical head motion is by means of a handwheel for a fast and stable adjustment. Tilting head for 45° cuts.  Provided with folding legs for easy transport to site.

  • Various Supply voltage available.
  • Selection of cutting lengths from; 650 mm to 1200 mm
  • Depth of cut: 150 mm


  • 1 Stop
  • Transport handles
  • Set of servicing wrenches
  • Diagonal square

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